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About Minnie Marianne Miles

Minnie Marianne Miles was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She has been involved with visual and literary art since she was a young girl, drawing her first figure at the age of two. Miles continued to express herself through drawing, painting and writing. Despite the trials of segregation, her mother arranged for art lessons at Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin.


After graudating from high school, Minnie Marianne Miles attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. Miles studied sculpture with Francois Rubitschung from 1956-1958. She then went on to earn an M.A. in art from New York University in 1968.


Miles had solo exhibits at Merharry Medical College, the Artists League of Texas and the Carver Cultural Center in San Antonio. Her works have also been shown at the New England Arts Institute Expo, Lincoln University, The Louisville Art Workshop and Atlanta University. 


In addition to creating art in many two-dimensional media, Miles has also served as the Executive Director of the Beach Institue Art Museum and African-American Cultural Center in Savannah, Georgia, a Visiting Professor of African-American art at Savannah State College of Art and Design, and Director of the Carl Van Vechten Museum at Fisk University.


Miles is the neice of J. Mason Brewer, and is actively working to establish the Brewer estate historical registry

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